I’m Sara. I live in Montana with my partner and our five dogs — three of which are standard poodles who are often quite muddy. I write software manuals for a living. I started this blog for a spot to do other kinds of writing. Sometimes a Facebook status just isn’t enough room.

Why Muddy Poodles?

Why not? Standard poodles are beautiful, athletic dogs. Don’t be fooled by the haircut; they are athletes and hunters at heart. Our poodles spend much of their time romping about in the woods and becoming, well, extremely muddy. Our dogs have a good, happy life with lots of fun and exercise. We happen to live in a beautiful area full of mountains and wilderness in which to play.

For some reason, the phrase “muddy poodles” just seems to describe ALL our dogs.

Even our two non-poodles are muddy poodles at heart.

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