Well, why not?

Short answer: sometimes a Facebook status just isn’t enough. I need more words to blather on!

Longer answer: I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging now for a long time. I actually did have a blog several years ago. I started it in 2004 and sort of tapered off on posting in 2006. I never had much of a readership, but I did like having a place to express all my thoughts on many different topics. I wrote about my life, my pets, politics, gay and lesbian issues, and other random stuff. I moved from Illinois to Montana during the time I was blogging, so I wrote all sorts of posts about that too.

I got busy with all sorts of other things and stopped posting very often. Although I COULD go back and continue with that same blog, it seems sort of silly. I’d rather just start fresh. My old posts are probably full of spam comments by now. Plus, “Muddy Poodles” is a MUCH better blog name than my old blog. I never really did like the name I picked for the old one…it was very boring.

Once I had the name Muddy Poodles in my head, I needed a use for it. Hence, a blog!

Finally, I’ve also been meaning to get back to doing more types of writing beyond the technical writing I do for a living. A blog seems like a good way to do that (and a good way to motivate myself to write more often).

I recently ran across a series of posts about reasons to start a blog, and I have to say a few of them did jump out at me:

I don’t expect that I’ll have very many readers, and I’m really not going to worry about that. This is all just for me to have fun.