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So earlier this evening we were out puttering in the cat condo and visiting with the cats. Pippin got bored with us and left, but Xena continued to enjoy pets and scratches behind her ears. Renee worked on some tasks in the greenhouse, getting things ready for moving the pond plants in for the winter.

The dogs fussed in the backyard, complaining that they are not allowed back in the cat condo.

For some reason, I happened to look up right as Pippin came back to the sliding glass door. Water dripped off his fur into a puddle. He was completely soaked.

That goofy cat went and fell in the pool again! And then managed to get himself back out.

When we looked at the pool deck, there were puddles of water right around the pool ladder we installed this summer. So I’m thinking he was clever enough to use the ladder to climb out of the pool. That is a pretty smart cat!

He didn’t seem too terribly traumatized, but took a long time working at cleaning the water off his fur. By the time we left the cats for the evening, most of his body was dry. We helped out a bit with towel and closed the cat flap to lock him in for the night. The cat is pretty smart, but sometimes he doesn’t have too much sense, and I could easily see him roaming around in the cold all night and getting chilled. I know he is going to be cranky by morning since he is used to having the whole yard for his entertainment at night.

This is at least the second time Pippin has taken a swim since we moved in here. Last October he fell in early in the morning while I was working. I looked out the window to see why the dogs were barking and saw a small black shape swimming rapidly across the pool. I had no idea till then that cats could swim so well. He was at the shallow end when I first saw him; by the time I got outside and on the pool deck, he had gone the full length of the pool and was trying to pull himself out.

It was a cold morning in late October, so I didn’t wait to see if he would be successful. I scooped him out, got a towel, and brought him in the house for the rest of the day to get dry and warm. This is a picture from that day:

Pippin warming up after his swim last October

Pippin warming up after his swim last October

This past summer, we saw some suspicious scratches on the side of the pool in the shallow end. I think he might have fallen in and then scratched up the pool wall with his back claws while climbing out. I’m glad he managed to get out that time since we weren’t around.

Pippin, also known as danger kitty!


Pippin the danger kitty!