I have a few thoughts on some longer posts to write, but my brain is currently a little tired. So instead, here is a video of the tree across the alley being removed yesterday (as shown in my photo of the day).

There is a little bit of commentary here and there since Renee has experience with working way up high like that (she worked as a lineman for the phone company in the past, and has been way up on telephone poles before).

The lack of the tree isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The sky doesn’t look quite as empty as I expected, at least so far since the other tree back there still has a view. I’m wondering how it is for our neighbors, though, to lose such a huge tree in their yard. They probably lost a significant source of summertime shade.

I couldn’t find any really good pictures of this tree from before this day. This was from earlier in the day, when they were still working out of the bucket truck:

Tree Across the Alley

The tree before it came down

It really was a huge tree.