Saturday was a beautiful spring day. It was also the first weekend since I got the “all clear” from my foot surgeon. My foot is still not fully back to normal, but I did get the okay to start hiking and going on longer walks.
map of our hike

So we went on a hike in Blodgett Canyon with Toony and DeAndria. We left the dogs at home for this one because we were concerned about traps and we didn’t want to deal with five leashes. We’ll probably bring them next time, but it was nice to hike without having to worry about the dogs.

The hike ended up being a little over 4.5 miles, so it was definitely the longest since my surgery.


My new backpack the day it arrived in the mail

It was also a good opportunity to test-drive my new, lightweight hiking boots and my new pack. So far the new gear is working out. The pack felt great. The boots felt pretty good too.

It felt great to be out on a hike again. The last significant outdoor thing I’ve done was when we went cross-country skiing the last weekend before my surgery, back in early January. I’ve been going on short walks for a while now (probably longer than I was supposed to) but there is a huge difference between just walking around town and hiking on a trail.

Wow, my foot actually can bend now!

Wow, my foot actually can bend now!

Blodgett Canyon is not a difficult trail. It has a little uphill at the start, then just follows right along the creek. There were a few fallen trees to climb over and a few rocky patches, but for the most part it was a great choice to get back to hiking.

recording video

Renee caught me recording a little video

tall cliffs and blue sky

I love the cliffs up against the blue sky!

blue sky and the creek

I didn’t take a lot of video or pictures during this hike…it was nice to just be out in the woods and relax. But here is a very short video with some of the highlights. I especially liked getting some shots of the rushing creek and a cool waterfall on the cliffs across the creek from the trail.


It was a great day out in the woods. My feet were sore when we made it back to the car, but it felt more like general soreness from being out of shape, not pain from the surgery.

After this hike, I am relatively optimistic that I will be able to hike during our Utah trip in a few weeks.
on the trail